Westland Families!

School hours: 8 am to 2:30 pm Monday -

See our new website at
www.westlandcharterschool.com   for lots of info
about Westland School.  See you there!
Regular board
meetings are held in
the office on the last
Wednesday of the
month at 6:30 pm.
Contact the office for
more information.
   Westland Pledge
My education is my responsibility, and I take that responsibility
seriously.  My self-discipline is the key to my success.  I will behave
with honesty, integrity, and respect at all times toward myself and
others.  As I do these things, I can expect my teachers and other
staff members to do all they can to help me accomplish my goals.

Westland's mission statement:
Westland School will provide students with a nurturing, well-rounded and academically
challenging learning environment.  Students will be respected as individuals and parents valued
as an integral part of the educational process.  Westland School will instill in our students the
knowledge and skills to make them valued and productive members of society.

It's almost the
beginning of
another great
school year!!
Westland School