Who we are:
Westland School is a Kindergarten through 12th grade
charter school in Phoenix, Arizona. We have been serving
the community since 1986 as a private school and from
1996 as a charter school.
Westland is not an alternative
school for at-risk students. Children with behavior problems
may not do well at Westland.

Our teachers and staff believe parents are an important
part of a child's education and work with them to help make
school an important part of a child's life.
welcomes parental involvement!

We have small class sizes at all grade levels. This means
that teachers know if your child is doing great or if they
need additional help. Our teachers really do care and want
the best for each student.

Kindergarten has always been full day and free!
We offer a challenging academic program including
accelerated learning programs, sports, clubs, art, P.E.,
music, foreign language, gifted program and other classes
that make school interesting and fun.   

Westland is an accreditation candidate and we look
forward to full accreditation in the near future!
Our high school is a member of the National Honor
Society.  Our students have won many academic honors
and sports championships.

Westland and see why so many students and parents
Westland School year after year!
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About us