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Websites and brochures can tell you about a school,  
but we want you to come check us out to see if our
school is right for your family!

Please call
623-247-6456 and tell Jennie that
you'd like to come and visit.  She'll give you all the
information you need, so you will be able to meet with
the directors and take a look at what
Westland has to
offer you and your child.

If you would like information by phone, ask Jennie and
she'll make sure you get to talk to the right person to
answer your questions.

We would also be happy to send you information.
Write to us at 4141 N. 67th Ave, Phoenix, AZ or
send us an email at
or call Jennie!

Westland School does not discriminate in any of its
policies or practices or programs based on
race/ethnicity, religion, or disability or gender.
Westland School
4141 N. 67th Ave
Phoenix, AZ 85033

Pursuant to ARS
38-431.02 Westland
School hereby states that
all notices of the
meetings of Westland
School will be posted in
the office and on our
website at the location
listed above.. This
location is open to the
public from 8 am to 3 pm,
Monday-Friday. Such
notices will indicate the
date, time, and place of
the meeting and will
include information
concerning the manner in
which the public may
obtain an agenda for the
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